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  • Graduated in Pharmacy and Biochemistry- University of São Paulo(USP)
  • Graduated in Communication Sciences(Jornalism) – Faculty Cásper Líbero.
  • MBA degree in Strategic PlanningESPM – ITA.
  • Profound experience in General Management in companies such as General Astellas Pharma, Genzyme, Wyeth-Whitehall, with leadership of approximately 200 professionals and revenues of over $ 180 million.
  • Successfully conducted start up processes, since Physical Infrastructure, Regulatory Strategy, Corporate, Operations, Logistics, Finance, Organizational Policy, Attracting and Retaining Talented People, Risk Taking attitude in highly competitive market.
  • Performance in all Pharma segments, from OTC to Biotechnology, through Primary Care, Hospital, Hormones, Diabetes, Oncology, Central Nervous System, Men’s Health and Women´s, among others.
  • Strategic Planning and General Management involving responsibility for revenue, profit and loss (P & L), competitive analysis and mergers and acquisitions.